How To Cook Nigerian Cow Leg Pepper Soup

How To Cook Nigerian Cow Leg Pepper Soup.

Cow leg pepper soup is a famous delicacy in most Nigerian eating homes that is especially medicinal with fragrant spices which can be eaten any time of the yr specifically in the course of time of recuperation
after infection and child beginning.

The elements required in cooking cow leg pepper
soup encompass:

Thyme is used as seasoning component in making ready cow leg pepper soup. It offers your pepper soup that conventional taste and aroma, even though care needs to be taken now not to over – follow it, otherwise it will suppress the taste of different components used in cooking the fowl stew, so whilst applying it need to be performed with caution due to the fact an excessive amount of-of a particular aspect spoils the meals no matter how sweet it’s miles.
In order phrases, thyme have to be implemented fairly in cooking cow leg pepper soup.

2. Chilli Pepper

Pepper is but every other useful element in making ready cow leg pepper soup; it gives it that peppery
taste, and makes the soup sharper in flavour.

Though too much of it could produce a bad impact mainly for the asthmatic purchasers who
don’t like too much pepper in their ingredients.

Generally, pepper need to be added fairly for you to permit the clients to peacefully experience
the meals while not having to complain of too much pepper.

Dry ground pepper is most appropriate for the cooking of cow leg pepper soup, though other species
can nonetheless be used depending on the manner you floor it.

3. Onions

Just such as you find in different dishes, onions are essential in cooking bird stew, it makes the stew or it
gives the stew that sassy flavour.

Onions may be placed multiple instances inside the course of cooking the cow leg pepper soup. It may be
put intermittently as the cooking goes on.

Without it, cow leg pepper soup might not be that enjoyable to the mouth because it will not be that
tasty as you expect it to be, notwithstanding the presence of these different elements.

Onions come in different sorts; we have the white onions and the purple onions. Each of them has its
unique taste it provides to any dish you may apply them to.

The white onions are in particular used in preparing such dishes including fried rice, jollof rice, exclusive
styles of stews inclusive of chook stew, and so forth, at the same time as the red ones are used in particular in making ready one of a kind
sorts of soups.

Every onion is first peeled to get rid of the outer cover, then after eliminating the outer cowl, you
then wash it very well and chop it or slice it, or you could favour to combo it as the case can be.
Onions is a crucial factor in each dish that must no longer be omitted.

Four. Crayfish

Crayfish is every other important component in making ready cow leg pepper soup; it is as nicely a supply of
protein and gives the cow leg soup that crayfish taste.
Crayfish is the first floor earlier than use, however before it’s far floor you need to ensure that it’s miles properly sieved
from crayfish chaffs or sand that would have entered the crayfish in the process of managing it inside the
market area.

Crayfish is brownish in colour with tender things at its tell. Cray fish comes in special sizes
depending on the species. We have the large length crayfish which they call prawn or oporo in a few
parts of the Eastern region of Nigeria.
While the alternative species is the small sized ones that are typically seen inside the marketplace and as nicely
less steeply-priced in comparison to that of the larger sized ones referred to as prawn or oporo.
Crayfish is sieved and floor, even though a few people select heating it first in a dry pan or pot before
grinding it to dispose of moisture from it.

5. Ehu seed

Ehu seed, popularly used and observed inside the Eastern part of Nigeria, is an incredibly spicy ingredient or
seed. It appears in the form of a small seed and brownish in colour.
Ehu is mainly used for nearby Nigerian dishes, just like the achi soup, the ofo or oho soup, and so forth. Ehu seed
is a hard seed, which earlier than you operate it you need to first heat it on the fire, so that the outer
membrane will pop out easily.

After heating it, ehu seed is then relieved of its outer membrane via using your hand to peel it off.
After that, you than easy your pestle and mortar and placed the ehu seeds in it for pounding.

Note that the pestle and mortar need to be kept dry earlier than the use of it to grind ehu seed, for you to
keep away from being clumped collectively.

6. Uziza Leaves

This is every other spicy leaf utilized in cooking most local Nigerian dishes. Uziza can be used as a leaf or
as its seed, that is commonly darkish and tiny in length.
Uziza seed is the first floor earlier than use even as uziza leaf may be shredded or used as an entire leaf
relying. The list of elements required to cook dinner cow leg pepper is as follows:
a. 1kg cow leg
b. 4 seeds Ehu
c. Chilli pepper
d. 2 teaspoons uziza
e. 2 medium bulbs onions
f. 2 teaspoons of ground crayfish
g. 3 maggi cubes
h. 1 teaspoon of thyme
i. Salt

Method of Preparation

1. This dish is truely certainly one of my nice dishes as it has to do with one in all my favourite local spice
referred to as the Ehu seed which offers great flavour and aroma to my dish.
Alright, with out losing a lot of time, step one to take in preparing this dish is by way of processing
the the seed first. This is completed through the use of an antique frying pan, region the pan on the fire and roast the 4 ehu seed, stirring constantly till you may scent it.

You should no longer fear while to take it off, as it has one-of-a-kind aroma. Another way to realize
while it is ok is to take one of the seeds and try and cast off the outer membrane, if the outer
membrane comes out easily, then realize that it’s far done.

Peel off the membrane from all the ehu seeds and grind with a dry mill. Then get two bullion onions
and reduce into tiny pieces as well as get two teaspoons of uziza and rub it along with your arms to interrupt
Them into pieces.

2. Get a clean bowl of water and positioned the cow leg inside it, wash it and cut it into pieces. After that
you region it interior a pot and pour in water to cowl the content material of the pot.

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