9 Best Rice Brands We Have in Nigeria

9 Best Rice Brands We Have in Nigeria.

Here on this post, we’re going to provide you with a list of 10 excellent rice brands in Nigeria. We wish you locate this article informative and beneficial.

It is one of the requirements of life that all animals must eat, therefore the need for a stable supply or supply of food for correct feeding. We all know that each one hand aren’t equal, but rice, the most typical
grain in Nigeria is each popular the various bad and rich.

It is a form of food that is excessive in carbohydrate so that it could supply electricity to all the loads of an amazing nation like Nigeria day by day. That is why its supply and call for is at the increase day by day, weekly, monthly and certainly every year.

To any tiny child growing up in a standard road in Nigeria, rice to them turns into their quality meal due to the fact its miles cooked for them regularly.

9 Best Rice Brands We Have in Nigeria

One would possibly assume that because this meal is steady to their mouth and bellies, they ought to are becoming used to it already. Surprisingly, the grain may be prepared in an exclusive number of approaches, which is why it may in no way be an alternative for Nigerians.

Rice in Ghana can be prepared deliciously in the fashion known as Waje, and in Nigeria, we’ve our own style of patterns which include jollof rice, white rice, coconut rice, and many others.

Due to this widespread demand of rice and its acknowledgement by using much global health companies as a sustainable staple meal, many agencies, and manufacturers all around the world
have sprung up with various brands to make certain that humans’ excessive call for rice can be met every day.

Searching for the proper logo of rice to buy in an ordinary Nigerian market can be very traumatic mainly for a person not skilled within the advertising and distribution of baggage of rice.

1. The one we call Mama Pride

This is a number one choice too many Nigerian mothers who have hungry mouths to feed.
The rice is relatively reasonably-priced and low-priced because of the reality that it is locally produced and distribution is inside and out of doors the seashores of Nigeria and Africa. The Mama Pride is a product of the OLAM Nigeria Limited.

Its low price comes from its recognition as one of the main producers of rice that have its operations in nearby communities in Nigeria.

They also have branches in nations consisting of Senegal, Togo and are operational all around the globe in unique continents which includes South American, Central America, North America, East Africa and other West African nations and even Australia.

This emblem of rice is licensed to be high in vitamins price and very healthful to eat using the populace because it has been examined as a natural meal.

This logo also parboils their rice, making it very smooth to cook dinner, saving the household gasoline and the surroundings from harmful gas emissions. Its rice is with out stones and sand thereby the guarantee
of a secure and happy meal is assured.

Undoubtedly, this emblem of rice is one of the first-class because its manufacturers no longer simplest provide food for the humans of Nigeria; additionally they offer an activity for them.

The company OLAM by way of call has nearby production flowers in Nigeria and additionally an amazing rice farm located in Nasarawa kingdom that covers a huge expanse of about 10,000 acres of land.

Rice farmed from the land is supplied to its very own rice mill for production and distribution within states of the USA.

The contemporary ban on the importation of rice into Nigeria has rapidly enhanced sales for this emblem thereby increasing its popularity among Nigerians.

2. Mama Gold

This emblem of rice is also popular inside the Nigerian Market owing to the truth that it’s far produced with the aid of the OLAM Nigerian Limited. Its charge isn’t as friendly as Mama Pride due to the fact its miles imported from

This logo assures one among high best and exceptional tastes. It is also parboiled before packaging for exportation and distribution.

The price of this rice tiers and varies depending on the dimensions. For a 50kg bag, one can purchase on the price of sixteen 000 to 17 000 nairas.
A 25kg bag will cost you approximately 7500 to 8500 naira even as a 10kg bag is on the price of 3000 to 3500 naira.

These charges aren’t regular and may change occasionally resulting from inflation, herbal incidence, and political declarations.

This specific logo of rice went properly with tomato paste, specifically while used to put together jollof rice,
white rice, and stew. A sprinkle of vegetable on already cooked Mama Gold rice creates an amazing sensation on the flavour buds of passionate rice fanatics

3. Royal Stallion

Royal Stallion is any other brand of rice that is widely popular in Nigeria. It has a unique label or needs to I say logo of a standing horse signifying the delight and beauty of the emblem.
This emblem is an excellent trademark, and it draws masses of shoppers.

This logo isn’t the same as other brands due to the health benefits that it gives to its consumers.
The Royal Stallion emblem of rice has a wealthy content material of calcium, potassium and Vitamin B6.

These vitamins wanted for boom and improvement in younger kids and adults as well.

The satisfactory of this rice is excessive in well known, thereby qualifying it into the class of great rice brands in Nigeria.

The rice from this logo is so clean to cook dinner aside from all of the strenuous tactics
experienced while making ready neighbourhood rice like Abakiliki rice.

It is husk lose no longer to say its non-sticky nature after present process warmness treatment inside the cooker.
It may be very nutritious and parboiled in Thailand.

Currently, the Royal Stallion would fee a fortune due to the fact it is illegal to import rice in Nigeria. A 50kg bag of this logo ought to feed you about 15 500 to sixteen 500 nairas within the

A 25kg bag should be about 8000 to 8500 naira while a 10kg bag would be between 3000 to 4000 naira in a standard rice shop in Nigeria.

4. Mama Africa

This is some other brand from the renowned agribusiness, OLAM Nigeria Limited and virtually has all of the attributes of its counterpart manufacturers indexed above.

One great function of this logo is the photo of a slave with a purple hat and a long goatee. The
the charge of this rice is ready 18500 and above due to the present day inflation in the market

5. Lake Rice

This brand of rice is among the few local manufacturers that are thriving now within the Nigerian marketplace because of the ban positioned on the importation of rice into the country.

Why this logo makes, the listing of 10 nice rice brands in Nigeria is because it’s far very reasonably-priced and with ease available to the Nigerian masses. These people revel in starvation and hassle.

This rice brand is certainly a saving grace to many that can come up with the money for it at a price tag of 11500 nairas.

The brand may be very famous in Lagos and Kebbi States due to the attempt the two states governments have made, in growing its manufacturing potential.

6. Anambra Rice

Anambra Rice is a new emblem of rice; this is being produced and packaged in Anambra nation.

It is a logo that has sprung up inside the state because of the government intervention and provision of loans to individuals inclined to enter rice productions.
Adequate support is also given to marketers aiming to spend money on rice manufacturing.

7. Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice is famous generally in Ogun State as it changed into named after a metropolis, Ofada town in
Ogun state. It is a nearby rice brand. However, it’s far particularly demanded in numerous eateries spread throughout Nigeria.

It is likewise relatively reasonably-priced judging from the reality that a 5kg bag expenses only a token of 2000 to 2500 naira.

8. The Basmati Rice

This emblem made my listing due to the fact it is a logo this is constantly advocated to those who wish to shed pounds. This rice could be very low in sugar content.

It is sold in supermarket, and the price goes for
approximately 3800 to 4200 naira for a bag.

9. Falcon Rice

This brand of rice made it to the listing, this time not because of reputation but on the contrary.

The logo isn’t always successful at all inside the Nigerian Market. However, Nigerians who lived in the United loves it

The rice is characterized through its lengthy and entire grain size. A 25kg bag of this rice should value you approximately 8000 to 9000 naira

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